To all our important clients, please ensure that the terms and conditions on event styling and hiring are read and understood before a deposit is paid. Payment will
indicate that you read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions.


To secure the booking date for event styling or items to be hired, the Hirer agrees to place a 50% deposit with Flower Wall Hire within 5 days of receiving their invoice.
Please note - items will not be held without a deposit.

We ask that you carefully review your order once you have received your quote/invoice and ensure you are familiar with our T&Cs.

By placing a deposit these terms are deemed to be accepted by the Hirer.

Balance for prop hire and for event styling is due one weeks prior to event.

Flower Wall Hire accepts only bank transfer. Bank details can be found on quotations and invoices.

All deposits will be held by Flower Wall Hire until the safe return or pickup of all items in the same condition as was hired out to the Hirer minus any reasonable wear
and tear.

If deposits was received by Flower Wall Hire via digital means then the Hirer must allow a 3-business day turn around taking into consideration bank transfer time


All cancellations need be given in writing. No verbal cancellations shall be accepted to minimise any misunderstandings.

Orders cancelled within one weeks of the event date will forfeit the total 100% to Flower Wall Hire.

Orders cancelled within 2-4 weeks prior to event will forfeit their 50% deposit.

All changes or removal of items from booking can only be made 4 weeks prior to the event unless approved by Flower Wall Hire. Additions can be made at any time
subject to availability.


All showroom appointments incur a R250 booking fee.

Should the Hirer proceed with an order during their consultation with Flower Wall Hire, the booking fee will be deducted from the order total.

To secure the booking date for even styling or items to be hired from the showroom appointment, the Hirer agrees to place a 50% deposit with Flower Wall Hire within 2
days of receiving their invoice from their appointment. Please note - items will not be held without a deposit.

No refunds will be given for failure to attend appointments and not proceeding with an order.

Booking fee cannot be transferable between orders.


Once products have been received, the Hirer accepts all responsibilities and liabilities until they have been returned to Flower Wall Hire.

The Hirer is responsible in maintaining all appropriate policies of insurance, covering liability, property and casualty insurances in amounts necessary to fully protect
Flower Wall Hire and their products against all claims, loss or damage.

Flower Wall Hire is not responsible for any injury that may occur to persons over the hire period or thereafter due to any products supplied by Flower Wall Hire whether
through payment or otherwise.


All items supplied by Flower Wall Hire shall always be deemed owned by Flower Wall Hire.

All products are supplied to the Hirer on the bases of reasonable use within the advertised context.

Should any item/s become lost, stolen or damaged when in possession of the Hirer, the Hirer shall immediately notify Flower Wall Hire.

The Hirer agrees to pay for all products lost, destroyed, stolen, damaged or not returned to the Flower Wall Hire.

Replacement costs will be paid to Flolwer Wall Hire based on the current pricing and availability of the items on the market. Should no equivalent item be found by the
Flower Wall Hire then the Hirer is to reimburse Flower Wall Hire the cost in cash or bank transfer at a cost set by Flower Wall Hire.

All reimbursements shall be paid by the Hirer within 48hrs of the drop off of all items and maybe subject to late fee/extension fee if overdue.


If there are any small imperfections Flower Wall Hire will advise the Hirer prior to booking.

Our items are not to be left out in damaging weather and our items are not waterproof.


Upon completion of hiring all items must be cleaned by the Hirer. NO food scraps or liquids are to be left on items.
Cake stands and dessert plates are NOT to be submerged in water and are to be wiped down with a clean cloth. DO NOT use any chemicals.

All products are hired out on a 1-day hire basis


Bump in is when the Hirer is ready to receive the items without delay.

Bump out is when items are cleaned and packed up by the Hirer and items are ready to be picked up without delay. Any delays will incur an additional charge.

Delivery is strictly a "DROP & GO" service at an easily accessible, ground level or in garage premises. Beyond these locations will incur an extra charge.

Extra charges may apply if:

-You wish for your items to be taken beyond ground level of a building
-Your event space is more than 20m from where our truck can park or pull up
-If your items need to pass via stairs, elevators, escalators or a steep descent.
-If you require a large quantity of items, a labour fee may be added to cover for staff time taken to load and unload the truck.
-If you require a drop off or pick up outside the hours of 9am-5pm on Fridays and Mondays (e.g. weekends, midnight pick-ups and public holidays etc.)


All hire rates are ONLY for the hiring of products and not for any other services.


The Hirer consents to Flower Wall Hire use of event photos for marketing purposes provided to Flower Wall Hire  whether for profit or not.
Disclaimer - Terms & Conditions are subject to change at any time
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